Comp 101 Software Setup

Required Software Tools

Select the kind of laptop you have from the two options below and follow those instructions first for installing the required software for COMP101.


Apple Mac OSX

COMP101 Project Setup

Please complete these instructions once you have the required tools above installed:

1. Open Visual Studio Code (Later referred to as VSCode)

2. Select "View" from the top bar and click on "Command Pallete..." in the box that pops up, type "Git: Clone" (should begin to autofill) and press enter.

3. Copy and paste the following URL into the bar that pops up:

4. Press Enter Twice. Select "Open Repository" once the option arises.

5. Open the "View" menu and select "Terminal". Type the following command then press enter and wait for the install to complete:

npm install

We'll learn more about what npm is later in the semester! (You will likely see some warnings, this is expected and you can safely ignore them.)

6. Open the "View" menu and select "Extensions". Search for the extension named "TSLint". Select it and press the install button for it. Then press the Reload button.