Comp 101 My Computer is Broken! What do I do?

My Computer is Broken!

If you have a CCI laptop... take it to them today and they will either fix it on the spot or set you up with a loaner. If it's a loaner, be sure to have them install the software needed for COMP110/COMP101.

If it's not a CCI laptop... you'll want to have it repaired or replaced as quickly as possible. The late points policy covers this kind of situation. If it will be a prolonged period you may need to depend on a friend or roommate who is not in the class to borrow their laptop and install the required software.

If you have any case-specific concerns, Message your Team and we will be happy to talk with you through the issue and empathize (However, we cannot grant extensions to problem The syllabus already has two built in policies that will cover you for late submissions! (See Syllabus cf. Late Submissions Policy, Points Back Policy) )