Comp 101 Zak Lintz

Zak Lintz

Why Computer Science?

I love the fact that Computer Science is so relevant across so many fields and the applications to the modern world and future are seemingly infinite. I also very much enjoy the critical thinking, problem/puzzle solving aspect of Comp Sci, it's a rewarding feeling once you finally figure out that tough problem you've been pondering. I first encountered Computer Science in high school when I took AP Computer Science and loved it, so I decided to declare as a Comp Sci major coming into Carolina. I was still a little unsure of whether I really wanted to major in Comp Sci however, but I took COMP110 and the experience I had in that class confirmed I had chosen the right major. My experience was so pleasant I decided I wanted to be a UTA and do my best to repeat the amazing class atmosphere and incredible knowledge I gained from my TAs. 


Computer Science, all sports (particularly baseball) watching and playing, running, hiking, video games, all music (except country and particularly rap and rock), board games, and trying new foods

UNC Status

Class of 2020, Computer Science B.S., German minor


Asheville, NC

Favorite Programming Keyword

My favorite programming word is static because I find it to be very mysterious. I didn't know what the keyword static meant for the longest time so I think that unknown factor of static made it interesting. Also, when I think of static (outside computer science), I think of static electricity and a mad scientist with frizzy hair and goggles which I think is a pretty cool site.