Comp 101 Jeffrey Young

Jeffrey Young

Why Computer Science?

Computer science is everywhere! There are few fields of study that do not rely on computer science. Even if you are not considering a CS career, the skills you can gain from learning a bit of CS is incredibly valuable going forward in life. Programming allows me to express myself creatively while challenging me to think deeply about a topic. The feeling you get after solving a hard problem and seeing your code come to life before your eyes is enthralling!


becoming an expert at something in 6 months, reading, programming, finding cheap flights, coffee, golf, camping, watching the news, rock climbing

UNC Status

Computer Science BS and Quantitative Biology BS, 2017 - Highest Honors. Masters in Computer Science, 2018. Software Engineer and Systems Administrator, Lenovo.


Hickory, NC

Favorite Programming Keyword

volatile - in Java - it just sounds exciting