Comp 101 Shane Steele-Pardue

Shane Steele-Pardue

Why Computer Science?

Abstraction. CS has a propensity for individuality and creativity like that of painting or writing music. You put as much of yourself into coding as any of the latter fields.

By being an LA, I am able to help others who share my passion for CS. It allows me to grow whilst assisting others in their own growth.


Rick & Morty, Calle 13, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Childish Gambino, UNC-CH Esports Club, GoT, League of Legends, just a lot of videogames, DnD, boardgames, cooking

UNC Status

2019, Computer Science and Mandarin


Corapeake, NC

Favorite Programming Keyword

'volatile'; Java; it's a pretty chill keyword imo