Comp 101 Mason Mathew

Mason Mathew

Why Computer Science?

A wise man (Proffessor D. Stotts) once told my class- it's turtles all the way down. Infinite turtles, baby. Recursion is just one CS superpower you'll learn about, but it's one of my favorite. By the time you leave this class you'll have seen the other superpowers- you'll have worked with them and subtly made them into your own. I was drawn into CS because it was so freaking cool. After spending six hours working on an emoji of Rick Sanchez's face in Java for COMP110, and still not being bored, I knew I had found my place. When I was in the class, I was staggered by the UTA team and their sincerity and eagerness during office hours. I'm honored to now call them my friends and I hope that with our help, you'll discover your own CS superpowers. No matter what field of study you call yours, the skills you'll learn here will persist throughout your lifetime. 


Keith Haring, good coffee, biking, lo-fi hip hop beat tapes, Curb Your Enthusiasm. 

UNC Status

2020. Computer Science, Studio Art


Wilmington, NC

Favorite Programming Keyword

"let" in TypeScript, because it feels like I'm conceding to my computer.