Comp 101 Katherine Lindrum

Katherine Lindrum

Why Computer Science?

Cs is an amazing tool, which can solve a crazy amount of problems. Tinkering with code feels a little bit like playing with a sudoku puzzle, just finding one detail after another to smooth out. I've also always loved typing, and being able to make tools and programs by just typing feels amazing to me!

I want to be a UTA because I've always loved helping teach others, and I'm eager for some experience doing out-of-class work with CS knowledge. This seems like the perfect blend of both!


friends, glitter, comedy, cooking, cats, The Office, gummies

UNC Status

2021, computer science



Favorite Programming Keyword

for! I love for loops, in TypeScript. They just feel like my favorite way to loop things, I really get the counter variables and the ability to set things up in that format.