Comp 101 Allison O'Connor

Allison O'Connor

Why Computer Science?

I never had any experience with CS until COMP110 freshman year. I was taking the class for the gened credit and found that comp worked the same way my brain does and fell in love with it. Here I am 2 years later majoring in it! There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your finished assignments working, it makes all of the frustration you went through during the process worth it. I am so excited to be your TA and can't wait to help you through the frustrations. 


Volleyball, Carolina Sports, Music, Movies, Giraffes... 

UNC Status

UNC 2020, Comp Sci and Statistics Double Major


Cary, NC

Favorite Programming Keyword

Boolean, because I stay boolin.... Just kidding, but really I love booleans because I use if statements literally all the time.